As coronavirus spreads, more people thinking about end-of-life directives 

NBCNews – Many are considering medical instructions, guardianship designations and other legal contingency plans.

Even though Jayne Marlink has gone through cancer, a mastectomy, a hysterectomy and several other serious health scares over the last decade, she never felt the urgency to put together an advance health directive advising her son what to do in case she didn’t pull through.

But last week, as she watched the coronavirus pandemic rapidly unfold from her home in California, where over 1,000cases of COVID-19 have been counted, she wrote down her last wishes.

The possibility of prolonged sickness or even death from COVID-19 triggered an urgency in Marlink, 67, a retired educator from Sacramento.

“I’m vulnerable and I’m in that target age, and I knew I had to get this end-of-life stuff done,” she said. “This has put me face-to-face with my responsibility and what I need to do to make things easier for my son should anything bad happen. Read More

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