Advance Medical Directive Hits the Spot

By Dr. Samuel D. Caughron, MD – Charlottesville Wellness Center Family Practice MDVIP Sometimes you just hit the right thing at the right time. My focus in medicine has been to help people reach their goals. X was a wonderful 82-year-old male with multiple medical problems that I followed regularly. He lived with his sonContinue reading “Advance Medical Directive Hits the Spot”

Advance Care Planning: A Gift You Give Yourself – and Your Loved Ones – Lisa Cassaro and her husband were in their 40s, living in Orcutt, Calif., when they learned about advance care planning in the most difficult way possible. Jeff Cassaro had no apparent health issues when he suddenly broke his arm one day while unplugging a fan. Doctors diagnosed him with Stage 4 kidney cancer.Continue reading “Advance Care Planning: A Gift You Give Yourself – and Your Loved Ones”

How to Have ‘The Talk’ During COVID-19 – For parents of adolescent children, the toughest talk is sitting down with the kids and discussing the facts of life. But for adult kids, the toughest talk can be sitting down with their elders and discussing their life and death decisions. COVID-19 has made that very personal talk far, far more complex —Continue reading “How to Have ‘The Talk’ During COVID-19”

JABA CEO Moderates Discussion on Advance Care Planning for Virginia Governor’s Conference on Aging

We talk a lot about how we want to live our life. What are our goals? And yet, we often avoid a discussion about our goals for end of life. This has come more to the forefront during COVID. Moderated by JABA CEO Marta Keane, this webinar will explain the importance of advance care planning,Continue reading “JABA CEO Moderates Discussion on Advance Care Planning for Virginia Governor’s Conference on Aging”

Pandemic Underscores Need for End-of-Life Training

NPR – The COVID-19 pandemic caught most Americans by surprise, showing us the many ways we were not prepared for a widespread health emergency.  At the University of Virginia, two professors of nursing say we should have trained more medical professionals in how to help patients and their families face the end of life. ReadContinue reading “Pandemic Underscores Need for End-of-Life Training”

Get Proactive and Develop a COVID-19 Care Plan – Tom Reynolds jokes that his doctors say he’s the “healthiest sick person we know.” The 71-year-old in Cocoa, Fla. resident has gone through 20 medical procedures. “I have not been a good steward of my body,” he admits. “My wife and I were thinking ‘What if we get the coronavirus?’ We both haveContinue reading “Get Proactive and Develop a COVID-19 Care Plan”

‘No Intubation’ — For Some, COVID-19 Changed Their Living Will -Last month, Minna Buck revised a document specifying her wishes should she become critically ill. “No intubation,” she wrote in large letters on the form, making sure to include the date and her initials. Buck, 91, had been following the news about COVID-19. She knew her chances of surviving a serious bout of theContinue reading “‘No Intubation’ — For Some, COVID-19 Changed Their Living Will”

A Good Life And A Good Death: What Is Palliative Care?

NPR Radio – “He will not die on your watch.” That’s what the family of a patient told Sunita Puri when she was a resident in internal medicine. They were chilling words for the young doctor as she took over the care of a very sick man on the overnight shift. To Puri, the patient,Continue reading “A Good Life And A Good Death: What Is Palliative Care?”