Pandemic Underscores Need for End-of-Life Training

NPR – The COVID-19 pandemic caught most Americans by surprise, showing us the many ways we were not prepared for a widespread health emergency.  At the University of Virginia, two professors of nursing say we should have trained more medical professionals in how to help patients and their families face the end of life. ReadContinue reading “Pandemic Underscores Need for End-of-Life Training”

Get Proactive and Develop a COVID-19 Care Plan – Tom Reynolds jokes that his doctors say he’s the “healthiest sick person we know.” The 71-year-old in Cocoa, Fla. resident has gone through 20 medical procedures. “I have not been a good steward of my body,” he admits. “My wife and I were thinking ‘What if we get the coronavirus?’ We both haveContinue reading “Get Proactive and Develop a COVID-19 Care Plan”